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Fernando Carpaneda

Today Fernando Carpaneda definitely is one of the most important artists of Brazil's underground art scene. Fernando began his career at age thirteen painting landscapes and unpretentious portraits. He honed his craft and talent with every new piece created. Today the young boy has become a man, his art acclaiming ever growing international recognition and appreciation! The early years of Fernando's career in Brasilia were not easy due to the strong influence of the "underground" and street culture depicted in his work. Social issues never witstanding. In the early years of his career, a renowned art gallery owner suggested changes in Fernando's works to make them ''fit better'' . Carpaneda broke with the conventionality of art galleries and took off for a far more more personal and radical artistic journey. Beginning to exhibit in unofficial spaces or just simply in the streets, he often got his inspiration from these very same places. At the same time some of the new admirers of his art became stars of international rock music or found fame in the film industry, including Arturo Vega (The Ramones), Leigh De Vries, Ginger Coyote, myself (Manoush) and many others. With aggresive creativity and the unusual use of unconventional materials (often coming from disposal), Carpaneda had finally established his art drawn from the streets after being invited to participate in a collective exhibition at the infamous CBGB`s Gallery in New York in the year of 2000. More:

Last night I attended the live Talk Show, Talking About, at Blip TV in Queens (New York). The interview was awesome! We talked about my works, gay pride , my magazine Carpazine , my last art show at MF Gallery, my participation in the exhibition at the Museum of American Soul Music and several other things.

Fernando Carpaneda foi convidado pela Televisão Pública do Queens (New York), para dar uma entrevista ao vivo em Rede Nacional e participar do Talk Show, Talking About que comemora 25 anos no ar. A entrevista ao vivo e o artista falou sobre arte, direitos humanos, sobre sua nova exposição no Museu da Soul Music Americana, sua revista Carpazine e vários outros assuntos.

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